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Paul Schempp


The Corporate Athlete: Winning Strategies for the Competitive Business Environment
The Keys to Expertise
The Secrets of Super Achievers: Five Expert Strategies for High Performance
Building Winning Teams: What Business Leaders can Learn from Great Coaches
Under Pressure: Secrets of Superior Decision Makers
The Master Mentor: Creating the Ultimate Mentor-Mentee Relationship
5 Steps to Expert: How To Go From Business Novice To Elite Performer

The Corporate Athlete: Winning Strategies for the Competitive Business Environment

In this fascinating yet practical program, learn from Paul Schempp why every organization needs to develop a team of “Corporate Athletes” to win in today’s competitive business environment.

From his decades of research into elite coaches, athletes and performers, Dr. Paul Schempp, Director of the Sport Instruction Research Laboratory at the University of Georgia, has created this essential program for taking business performance to the ultimate level.

In this program, Paul will reveal the key characteristics of top performers and what it means to have a winner’s mindset in life and at work. As a consultant with the PGA, the NBA and the Olympics, Paul understands what it means and what it takes to be a winner. Using personal stories and examples from well-known sports and business personalities, Paul delivers a program that will have every audience member _ regardless of gender, role or experience level _ engrossed and inspired. This program is research based with proven strategies that can be implemented immediately.

The Keys to Expertise

While no one is born an expert in any field, contemporary research reveals 3 consistent keys to outstanding performance. From this entertaining and provocative program, you will learn specific strategies to a) acquire the knowledge of experts, b) develop the skills necessary to make you an elite performer, and c) leverage your experiences to consistently outperform your peers.

Topics to be covered in this presentation

  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Skill Development
  • Using the Lessons of Experience

The Secrets of Super Achievers: Five Expert Strategies for High Performance

Successfully navigating the competitive environment of today requires skill and knowledge. But skills developed yesterday may not apply today, and yesterday’s knowledge may not solve tomorrow’s problems.  So how do the consistent achievers, the top performers, gain success regularly in an irregular world?

There are five key answers to this question, which Dr. Schempp reveals in this riveting presentation. Blending contemporary research, industry appropriate examples, and personal experience as a performance coach, Schempp identifies the strategies and principles the experts use to achieve more in less time, with fewer resources and with greater results.

This entertaining, stimulating, and life-changing presentation is perfect for organizations and individuals looking to not only succeed, but to lead and stand out in their industry.

Building Winning Teams: What Business Leaders can Learn from Great Coaches

From Wooden to Lombardi, great coaches are revered for their ability to lead teams to extraordinary achievements under extraordinary pressure.  Business leaders often face a similar challenge.  What is it that these coaches do that allow them to be successful over time and circumstance? And what can you as a business leader learn to apply back at your organization?

As Director of the Sport Instruction Laboratory at the University of Georgia, Dr. Paul Schempp has dedicated his life to the study of elite coaches and athletes. He knows the secrets on how they achieve success, and will share how to apply them within your organization.

The information presented in this course is based on fresh research and case studies of championship coaches, and attendees will hear how to apply key concepts to current workplace conditions and challenges.

Learner Outcomes from this program:

  1. Understand the key factors of talent identification & development, preparation, behavioral routines, and decision making processes that every great coach uses to consistently build champions.
  2. Design and implement an action plan to develop their skills as a business leaders based on lessons learned from great coaches.
  3. Implement workplace practices that will increase their performance as leaders and the achievements of their team.

Under Pressure: Secrets of Superior Decision Makers

Imagine how many decisions you make throughout your career. Some decisions need to be made quickly and intuitively, while others require critical thinking. What sets apart the good from the poor decision makers? How can you make great decisions with positive long-term impact to help ensure the success of your plans? Join Dr. Paul Schempp for this engaging yet practical presentation that is backed by scientific research. Paul will reveal easily adoptable strategies for making the best decisions, individually as well as collectively. In this program, learn:

  • the reasons behind poor decision making and how to avoid them
  • how to make the best decisions under pressure
  • how to become a “forward thinking” decision maker
  • how to make analytical decisions to help “predict the future”
  • how and when to intuitively trust your gut on short-term decisions

The Master Mentor: Creating the Ultimate Mentor-Mentee Relationship

Mentoring plays a critical role in professional development—it is therefore no surprise that mentoring has become firmly established as one of the most effective organizational strategies for developing new leaders! Dr. Paul Schempp studies mentoring with his team of researchers at the University of Georgia.

In this program, both mentors and mentees will learn the specific roles each should play, as well as the effective formats for developing a healthy and productive mentor/mentee relationship. If your organization wants to develop the next generation of leaders, this session is for you!

In this program, learn the strong positive correlations between mentoring relationships and:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Career mobility and opportunity
  • Employee retention
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Successful development of new leaders within an organization

5 Steps to Expert: How To Go From Business Novice To Elite Performer

Experts are made, not born. There are no inherent qualities that predestine someone to “be the best”.  But there’s good news: It is scientifically proven there are specific steps a person can take to develop expertise!  Learn to identify your current stage, then understand what it takes to achieve the next level. Hear Paul’s secrets and fill your organization with outstanding professionals, preparing yourself and others to become the ‘go to’ experts in any field.

In this presentation, based off his award-winning book by the same name, Dr. Paul Schempp (known as “The Expert on Expertise”) shares cutting-edge research findings illuminated with practical examples and success stories.  Learn from this program how to:

  • Evaluate an individual’s present level of expertise
  • Design specific learning experiences that will take someone from the present level of expertise to the next
  • Apply the principles that increase expertise and elevate workplace performance