About TPG

The Persimmon Group Speakers Agency is a division of The Persimmon Group, LLC, a management consulting firm. Persimmon helps organizations in the public and private sectors reach their full potential. Led by executives with real-world business experience, we solve difficult business problems and find hidden opportunities to make you more efficient, more profitable and to create sustainable growth. For more information, please visit our parent company website at www.thepersimmongroup.com.

Our Agency

We realize you have many choices for speakers in today’s market. Beyond the talent of our speakers, we offer value through our client-focused staff. We care about your event and commit to making the speaker experience easy for you and memorable for audiences. The TPG Speakers’ staff works cohesively with you throughout the entire process, from the initial inquiry to the post-conference follow up.


1. How do I request a speaker?
You can either complete the online request form, or contact us directly by calling our director Jill Nickerson at 918.392.7124, or e-mailing her at JillNickerson@thepersimmongroup.com. Jill will ensure that you book a TPG Speaker to best fit your needs.

2. How much advance notice is needed to book a speaker?
We realize meeting planners often have short planning times, so we understand short notice and accommodate as we can.

3. Will your speakers “hold” dates?
We are happy to place a tentative hold on a speaker’s calendar for a limited time while you consider your speaker options. We can sometimes grant “first refusal rights,” meaning, we will tentatively hold the date, then call you if another client requests the date, giving you a chance to submit a firm offer or release the date.

4. How much does it cost to book a speaker?
Our speaker fees vary, depending on which speaker and the event. Some of our speakers will offer special discounts for non-profit groups. Discounts also may apply if your organization is in the speaker’s state of residence. Call our team and we will help you maximize your speaker budget value.

5. What are the travel and lodging costs for your speakers?
We like to say that TPG Speakers is a “diva free” agency! By this we mean that our speakers expect only reasonable expense reimbursements. (Silk sheets, Evian water for bathing, Lear jet travel and bendable straws are strictly optional.)

6. My event is international. Do special rates apply?
It depends. If there is extensive travel time required on either side of the engagement, a speaker may have an increased fee. Travel accommodations could vary as well. But our agency will work with you to accommodate your needs.

7. I don’t see a speaker on your site that is the exact fit for our meeting. Or, we used you last year and want a different speaker but we want to work with you again. How can you help?
As an agency, we represent the speakers on our roster. We realize that finding the perfect speaker is important but can also be challenging. So we would be happy to refer you to some of our trusted speaker bureau partners, who are experts at finding the right speaker for an event.