Diversity & Inclusion

Bill Fournet

From Typewriters to iPads: How Generational Diversity is Transforming the Workplace

Clifton Taulbert

The Power of WEI: Welcoming, Engaging, and Including Others
Black Capitalism in America: Black Wall Street and Beyond
History, the Great Teacher: An Honest Conversation About Race in America

This engaging session will help participants gain an understanding about generational differences and learn practical techniques for how to effectively interact and manage each generation. Bill will provide the latest business management approaches, and participants will develop skills to create a collaborative environment among multi-generational team members. In addition, participants will explore how generations from Baby Boomers to Gen Z view current technology dilemmas, in the areas of hiring, privacy, and productivity. This generational diversity program will enable attendees to harness their team members’ strengths and understand their various drivers.

Learner Objectives:

  • Understand each generation’s motivators, expectations, and work styles
  • Learn how to create high-performing, multi-generational teams
  • Leverage collaborative techniques to engage your team

Session Benefits:

  • Identify and understand the different generational management trends
  • Understand each generation’s drivers to help prevent future misunderstandings
  • Leverage the generational perspective to enhance team performance
  • Develop techniques for creating a collaborative, multi-generational environment
  • Have a clarity about other generations that will help your interactions be more cohesive and successful with your team, your project, and with others

When Others Matter, Lives Change!

Clifton Taulbert artfully crafts a universal conversation with practical outcomes wherever we may find ourselves—within the arenas of where we live, play, study and work. Taulbert draws from his early life experience of growing up on the Mississippi Delta during the era of legal segregation—but also the place where he encountered the Power of WEI, the transforming presence of others who WELCOMED HIM, ENGAGED HIM and INCLUDED HIM. According to Taulbert, “We should never underestimate the impact of our presence upon others.”

In this program, audience members will be challenged to:

  • Embrace WEI as their daily fare
  • Embrace our “Shared Humanity” which leads to Opportunity
  • Realize how “One Person” can Make a Difference

In this conversation, Taulbert discusses that “Shining Moment of Time”, when following the Civil War, black capitalism took off on a journey of self-discovery. Despite the failures encountered by some, many had journeys that resulted in unprecedented success. Highlights include the rise of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Deep Greenwood, AKA Black Wall Street, which is now recognized as the crown jewel of early 20th century black capitalism. Hear the Untold History and be inspired. From this program, use the lessons of those who moved beyond slavery barriers to imagine the possibilities for changing your own life today.

A much needed honest conversation about “Race in America” is brought to life in this presentation that will stir both your heart and your mind. With insights from Clifton’s powerful book, The Invitation, this program calls upon us to “acknowledge the elephant in the room”, for the truths of history to open our eyes and hearts. As our nation continues to grapple with the impact of slavery and race, as we find ourselves in troubling discord, Clifton’s invites us to a history class in which, he says, “We can no longer afford to be tardy or absent”.

In this program, audience members will be challenged to:

  • Understand how Honest Conversations equal Honest Applications
  • Value RAI: Respect, Affirmation & Inclusion
  • View Life through the “Lens” of Others
  • Recognize the Reality that “Closed Eyes” will not “Remove the Elephant from the Room”
  • Discover “New Pathways” beyond the lingering lessons of race and place