Expertise & Peak Performance

Paul Schempp

The Keys to Expertise
5 Steps to Expert: How To Go From Business Novice To Elite Performer
The Secrets of Super Achievers: Five Expert Strategies for High Performance

While no one is born an expert in any field, contemporary research reveals 3 consistent keys to outstanding performance. From this entertaining and provocative program, you will learn specific strategies to a) acquire the knowledge of experts, b) develop the skills necessary to make you an elite performer, and c) leverage your experiences to consistently outperform your peers.

Topics to be covered in this presentation

  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Skill Development
  • Using the Lessons of Experience

Experts are made, not born. There are no inherent qualities that predestine someone to “be the best”.  But there’s good news: It is scientifically proven there are specific steps a person can take to develop expertise!  Learn to identify your current stage, then understand what it takes to achieve the next level. Hear Paul’s secrets and fill your organization with outstanding professionals, preparing yourself and others to become the ‘go to’ experts in any field.

In this presentation, based off his award-winning book by the same name, Dr. Paul Schempp (known as “The Expert on Expertise”) shares cutting-edge research findings illuminated with practical examples and success stories.  Learn from this program how to:

  • Evaluate an individual’s present level of expertise
  • Design specific learning experiences that will take someone from the present level of expertise to the next
  • Apply the principles that increase expertise and elevate workplace performance

Successfully navigating the competitive environment of today requires skill and knowledge. But skills developed yesterday may not apply today, and yesterday’s knowledge may not solve tomorrow’s problems.  So how do the consistent achievers, the top performers, gain success regularly in an irregular world?

There are five key answers to this question, which Dr. Schempp reveals in this riveting presentation. Blending contemporary research, industry appropriate examples, and personal experience as a performance coach, Schempp identifies the strategies and principles the experts use to achieve more in less time, with fewer resources and with greater results.

This entertaining, stimulating, and life-changing presentation is perfect for organizations and individuals looking to not only succeed, but to lead and stand out in their industry.