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Lori Firsdon

Lori Firsdon

Life Changer, Professional Organizer, and Productivity Expert

Lori Firsdon is professional organizer turned keynote speaker. Her life-changing programs on organization and time management are relevant across associations and industries _ and org charts _ because of the positive, immediate, and long-term impacts she makes. These impacts are profound, not only personally, but professionally, and ultimately, financially. Whether it’s from the mainstage or in a workshop, Lori resonates with practically everyone!

With every life-changing presentation, Lori shares her gift of organizing and her passion for helping people succeed. As a woman who has built her own business while juggling the demands of work and family, she understands that many people feel “overwhelmed”. Maybe they’re perfectly organized at work, but at home they are stuck and unable to take action. Maybe it’s their employees/team members who need the help so they can be more productive each day and contribute more, with less distractions and more clarity, which leads to improved decision making.

Lori doesn’t just help people get organized – she helps them learn to let go of what is holding them back. She is the author of Lose Your Stuff, Find Yourself: Break Free from Clutter’s Emotional Grip. Lori’s topics have everything: actionable content, humor, touching moments, and inspiration.

Lori is a regular Dayton Daily News columnist and has been featured on national television shows focused on organizing, including the popular A&E Television series, Hoarders. Besides being an entrepreneur, she is the mother of five children, which gives her valuable insight on what organizational challenges most people face in trying to balance home and work life.

She shares her practical solutions, which can be immediately implemented and motivates listeners to  think differently about their ‘stuff’ and encourages them to reclaim the time they have lost to being disorganized.

Allow Lori to help your audience to stop feeling so overwhelmed and start living a more joyful, fulfilling life.