Inquire About Speaker

Paul Schempp

Paul was very easy to work with and paid great attention to detail when we spoke to him about our company and our goals for his presentation. Paul’s message was clearly customized to meet those goals and was enthusiastically delivered and received. I highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for expertise in mentorship, coaching or performance improvement.

Gannett Fleming

Dr. Schempp is a tremendous mentor and teacher. During my time at the University of Georgia I learned more from Dr. Schempp about teaching, coaching, and expertise than I could have ever dreamt. He challenged, guided, and supported me while being a mentor to me and helping me develop into becoming a better teacher and coach. I learned from both observing Dr. Schempp teach his classes along with asking him questions pertaining to his teaching strategies and asking for his feedback regarding my own teaching. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is more than willing to share to aid you on your path to becoming an expert in your field. It does not matter what field of study you are interested in, if you want to be the best of the best then you can learn from Dr. Schempp in his teachings of how to become an expert. I cannot thank Dr. Schempp for all that he has helped me with, and I hope to take what he has taught me into helping me become an expert in my field one day.

Coach, Villanova University

I had the privilege to meet and introduce Dr. Paul G. Schempp as a keynote speaker at the annual PMI Honolulu Professional Development Day Seminar. His presentation was very inspiring and motivating. It was very evident that after all the years of research he has identified the key strategies, techniques and principals that experts use to “Achieve the Extraordinary”! His style of delivery, explanation and rationale connected with the audience and seemed to provide enlightenment and motivation to the audience! I would definitely highly recommend him!

PMI Honolulu Chapter

“Paul did a great job for his presentation at The Car Wash Show. He facilitated ICA’s Emerging Leaders Seminar and was intent on making sure his workshop would resonate with our attendees. His experience as a professor was great for the Emerging Leader crowd and he was able to connect with the attendees with relevant examples. Not only was Paul knowledgeable about the topic he presented but he facilitated activities for attendees to learn and collaborate with their peers. Thank you Paul!”

Meeting Planner, International Car Wash Association

“As a PGA Master Instructor, I have been to countless seminars and presentations. Paul Schempp’s Keynote at the PGA Master Professional luncheon was outstanding. Not only is Paul a dynamic speaker, his content was riveting. Myself and my colleagues were captivated by his depth of understanding in the field of human achievement. If I ever have the chance to see him again, you can bet I will be front and center!”

PGA Master Instructor

“Paul did a fantastic job with his talk and presentation at this year’s PGA Master Professional Luncheon! His keynote was very thought provoking and inspirational. The presentation, both in content and action, was something that I will be able to apply and learn from in many aspects of my life, not just golf. Paul’s love of helping people succeed in work, sports and life, and his love for the game of golf, was on full display!”

PGA Adjunct Faculty Member & PGA Master Professional Mentoring Committee

“Dear Paul: I wanted to say thanks to you for your great speech at our PGA Master Professional luncheon during the recent PGA Show in Orlando. Over 100 of my fellow Master Professionals attended the luncheon and we’re always proud to be in… this exclusive group that makes up just over 1% of our total PGA membership. As a full-time instructor, I was fascinated with your insights into teaching top athletes and how to better communicate with them. Your points on how to get them to work as a team and get them better motivated were fantastic. All golf professionals can teach golf but few (as you discussed) teach, ‘the golfer’. Discussing non-golf interests with the students and discovering what they ‘hear’ and not just what you ‘say’ were points that you presented so well. Everyone at my table and throughout the room were keenly focused on everything you said and we didn’t want it to end. Our quick chat afterwards with you assured me that I have followed what you believe is so important during my 35-year career and I know that it’s led to much of my success, so I thank you for your time and guidance. It was terrific! Thanks again.”

PGA Master Professional

“It is challenging to find speakers that can engage the audience while also delivering substance in their presentations. Dr. Paul Schempp was able to do both. And, as an event planner for 9 years, I have had to deal with a lot of different and often difficult personalities. Paul was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to arrange a pre-event conference call and was genuinely interested in tailoring his message to my audience. After the event, I received numerous compliments on Paul. His message definitely resonated with the audience. I would recommend Paul as a keynote and as a break-out or workshop presenter.”

Project Management Institute, Ohio

“With more than twenty years experience in Human Resources, I have attended more than a few seminars on leadership. It is rare that I feel engaged in the presentation for more than a few minutes. However, when I heard Dr. Paul Schempp present “What Business Leaders Can Learn From Great Coaches”, I was not only engaged, I was intrigued at this innovative way of looking at leadership. was an interesting perspective that made me look at leadership through a different lens. He has a great combination of academic research and interesting stories that give him credibility and listening power. I found myself taking notes, asking questions and pondering how I could use this information. Dr Schempp is an outstanding choice for a keynote or workshop presenter for a wide variety of leaders. The opportunity to explore lessons from great coaches is a great return on investment! ”

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa

“The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive. I expect you will be receiving (or already have received) several emails from the team wanting your book. Cynthia (Western District Manager) told me she is going back through her ‘playbook’ to rethink some of her routines. Phil (Midwest District Manager) was all over the Innovative Thinking steps. Donna (Global HR Director) said she’s heard plenty of performance improvement presentations and yours is one of the tops. Annette (Intern) commended your presentation skills…vocal variety, tone, humor. Joe (Tech Support) said he would love to have your job. You kept us captivated during your presentation! ”

Senior Finance Team Leader, GE Energy

“Paul made very strong points.  They are things that you can refer back to and concentrate on them and they will make everything in my business better.”

Helena Chemical Company

“I have attended many continuing education seminars and summits in my career.  I consider my experience at Pinehurst to be right at the top.  Your constant smile was a wonderful, infectious addition.  The dedication and enthusiasm you brought to the retreat was impressive and much appreciated.”


“Paul, I had a great time at Pinehurst and learned a lot.”

Tennis Champion and Coach

“Paul started the thought process for self-improvement as well as ideas to help others develop.  I will start tomorrow.  Great presentation!”

First American Bank & Trust Co.

“I liked the 3 questions to self-monitor skills and performance.  I will begin using these tomorrow and pass along to my co-workers.  Performance does Matter!”

Pharma Tech Industries

“The presentation motivated me to action.”

Waverly Court Real Estate

“The entire presentation was excellent.  I now know the questions to ask myself to improve both personally and professionally.”

Athens Clarke County Government

“While I appreciate your comments about our organization and about me, it is with equal respect and praise that I thank you for an outstanding presentation.  The enthusiastic response by everyone in attendance was gratifying to say the least.  It would be terrific to  have you back again in the future when those who were unable to attend could enjoy and benefit from your program as well.”

Executive Director, Professional Golf Association of America

“Thank you for your presentation in this year’s PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit.  This event would not be the success that it was without your willingness to provide an outstanding presentation aimed at supporting and assisting our members.  The information you provided will improve these professionals’ knowledge and capabilities.  The overwhelming comments heard from those in attendance were how impressed they were with your presentation.  I simply can’t thank you enough.”

Professional Golf Association of America