Why We Love Bad Ideas: Exploring the Biases that Shape Our Behavior

Humanity is defined by its creative achievements—but when it comes to decision-making, we’re suckers for a bad idea. A growing body of research suggests that all of us are influenced by our brain in ways we’re only just beginning to understand. Scientists refer to these unseen forces as “cognitive biases.” Like invisible germs carrying the flu, these biases spread throughout our teams and organizations, impacting our ability to think rationally, critically, and creatively. This presentation explores these predispositions and their unseen impacts on the way we do business, while identifying actionable ways to work with—rather than against—our brain’s natural impulses.

At the conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Discover why we so readily embrace terrible ideas, and the impact these biases have on our ability to effectively lead.
  • Identify the unseen ways your decision-making behavior is influenced by your brain
  • Implement actionable practices to help you and your team think rationally, critically, and creatively