Why Managers Fail: How to Unleash Your Organization’s Greatest Asset

Do your managers slay the day? Are they driven to take on challenges? Are they focused on building a team of fellow slayers? Or do they and their team just get by, maintaining the status quo, held back by unleashed potential? In today’s fast-changing environment, you need high-performing teams led by high-performing managers. Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement. The traditional way of measuring a manager’s success will no longer sustain today’s workforce. Unlock a new way of thinking and better equip yourselves and your managers to confront these challenges. Bill’s session shares how executives and managers can transform their organization’s performance through three paradigm shifts that can change your results for immediate impact.

 Expect to leave with these outcomes:

  1.   Understand why you must embrace a new way to measure a manager’s success
  2.   Learn 3 key factors to help multiply your organization’s productivity
  3.   Dramatically elevate the quality of your employees’ development and judgment
  4.   Experience increased trust and confidence in your team so you can regain control of your time and priorities
  5.   Become a stronger leader for tomorrow