Building Winning Teams: What Business Leaders can Learn from Great Coaches

From Wooden to Lombardi, great coaches are revered for their ability to lead teams to extraordinary achievements under extraordinary pressure.  Business leaders often face a similar challenge.  What is it that these coaches do that allow them to be successful over time and circumstance? And what can you as a business leader learn to apply back at your organization?

As Director of the Sport Instruction Laboratory at the University of Georgia, Dr. Paul Schempp has dedicated his life to the study of elite coaches and athletes. He knows the secrets on how they achieve success, and will share how to apply them within your organization.

The information presented in this course is based on fresh research and case studies of championship coaches, and attendees will hear how to apply key concepts to current workplace conditions and challenges.

Learner Outcomes from this program:

  1. Understand the key factors of talent identification & development, preparation, behavioral routines, and decision making processes that every great coach uses to consistently build champions.
  2. Design and implement an action plan to develop their skills as a business leaders based on lessons learned from great coaches.
  3. Implement workplace practices that will increase their performance as leaders and the achievements of their team.