The Power of the Playbook: How to Achieve Stability in the Midst of Disruption

When unexpected change happens, do you and your team feel frenzied or completely confident and in control? We know that constant change is the new normal. The speed and disruptive effects of this evolution creates peril for most leaders, who seek stability in an ocean of uncertainty.

In this tactical keynote, Bill shows leaders how to develop a team that can adapt to any scenario. Learn from Bill how to create a “Playbook” of micro-techniques (PowerPlays™) that can be applied to any situation for consistent performance. You’ll not only see benefits at work, but you’ll also get back quality time in your personal life by minimizing the chaos for yourself and those around you.

Expect to leave with these outcomes:

  1.     Recognize how the Age of Disruption requires a new Gameplan
  2.     Improve team performance through creating a Playbook and leveraging Bill’s PowerPlays™
  3.     Learn how to build a Playbook that works for you and your team
  4.     Understand how and when to apply your PowerPlays™ situationally to enable adaptation without loss of control
  5.     Become a stronger leader for tomorrow