The Hidden Cost of Fear: How Silence is Compromising Project Teams (and What to Do About It)

You’ve budgeted for equipment, personnel, and other expenses, but have you considered the cost of fear? For far too many project teams, fear is a hidden line item with real costs—stifled innovation, poor decision-making, and slow, siloed communication. In this impactful program, project team dynamics consultant Sara Gallagher explains how fear (and its damaging cousin, silence) compromises team performance and agility. She shares how building a culture of psychological safety can overcome the hidden costs of fear and build a resilient team that can adapt quickly to the speed of change.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

• Recognize the signs of fear-based silence on project teams
• Build a culture of psychological safety that encourages open communication, collaboration, and innovation
• Empower team members to take smart risks and make faster, better decisions