The Future of Work: Are You Ready?

Are you proactively seeking ways that your organization can yield competitive advantages from today’s technological and social changes?

Current constructs of work, how we measure productivity success, and how we develop a “career”, are all in flux. Between economic challenges and generational drivers, how long an employee stays with a company continues to shrink. A vast number of professionals are choosing temporary work, a concept coined “The Rise of the Super-Temp”, with mixed results. The rise in social technology and the demand for workers with a unique set of skills shows that younger employees who are technologically reliant, and older employees who are rich in experience, can present managers with opportunities – if developed correctly.

How should we respond to these significant transitions in business? Bill Fournet’s thought-provoking presentation will address these issues that are prevalent in the ever-changing business world today.  Whether you are a newcomer, manager or executive, you will leave this talk empowered to understand and harness the future of work to benefit your organization.

Learner Objectives:

  • How to respond to turnover resulting from changing work styles that span the generations.
  • How to use social and technological fluctuations in a non-chaotic, efficient way
  • Learn what the incoming workforce expects culturally, technologically and managerially