Project Management: The Next Generation

Venture: To take a risk, to daringly go on a journey … With the world becoming more connected, collaborative, and mobile, project management must continue evolving to meet its demands. Project Managers must be prepared to “Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.” The session focuses on what the future generation of project managers will face, a glimpse into how project management will change, and what you can do today to prepare the upcoming project managers.

To understand and ensure project management’s future, we must first understand our past and the events that have shaped today’s project management discipline. The session will examine the evolution of the project management practice, drawing out similarities of projects forty years ago to the current Millennium, as well as understanding their differences and lessons. It will provide speculative glimpses into what future projects will look like and how project managers will work. What new types of projects will emerge? Will project management remain a distinct discipline? What will project teams look like? These “visions” will provoke the participants into thinking about what they need to establish or develop today to ensure project management evolves with the times and the generations.

  • Understand the drivers and events that shaped the current views of project management
  • Identify the emerging trends affecting global projects and societies
  • Learn what today’s project managers can establish to develop future project managers