Project Management Fundamentals: What You Should Know to Better Manage Your Work, Your Life

Who says Project Management is boring? Certainly not project management guru Kris Reynolds, PMP. Kris will break down the PM FUNdamentals in this fun, hands-on, fast-paced session designed for both intentional and “accidental” project managers from all walks of life.

Using real-world examples and in-presentation exercises, PM FUNdamentals will help attendees gain knowledge of core PM concepts that can be applied to any of life’s “projects.”

Key concepts include:

  • “That’s a project?” Understand how best practices in project management can be applied to most everything we do, whether at home, work or play.
  • “It’s just a phase.” Identify the phases of project management and how to successfully move from one phase to another.
  • “I can see clearly now.” Discover the importance of having clear scope and how to define it so that we’re all rowing in the same direction.
  • “Risk isn’t just a board game.” Learn the Risk Management process and how to manage it.
  •  “We’re all uniquely the same.” Appreciate and adjust to diversity on project teams.