The Power of Connection: Become A Master Networker for Influence and Success

Networking is a crucial life skill with unlimited possibilities. Are you maximizing your potential or missing opportunities to engage with others? Welcome to The Power of Connection, an authentic approach for networking smarter. Today’s competitive marketplace demands innovation, agility and a powerful circle of influence to help you move from point A to point B – faster.  When you build (and maintain) effective professional connections, you gain the freedom to experience new breakthroughs, which can lead you to people, opportunity and profit. Join Kari Mirabal, The Connection Coach, in this high-energy. You’ll leave better equipped to overcome networking barriers and connect with confidence!

Audience Benefits:

  • Discover how to overcome barriers to network successfully
  • Explore how being vulnerable to new risks yields big results
  • Learn simple strategies to connect with confidence to grow your circle of influence