New Kids on the Workforce Block: What You Should Know About Generation Edge

Just when you were adjusting to the Millennials, a new generation is entering the workforce. Meet Generation Edge! Mostly the children of Gen X’ers, this group has its own very distinctive drivers. Born 1995 or later, they are now entering the workplace and are predicted to greatly change the way we work. Generally fast learners and resourceful, they are individualistic, high in inductive reasoning, and more connected to technology than any generation before them. This program promises a lively and enlightening discussion around this newest workforce group!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the important differences between Gen Edge and Millennials
  • Understand the strong similarities between Gen Z and Gen X
  • Understand their entrepreneurial mindset and how you can harness it for your organization’s benefit
  • Understand how they view work, and what motivates them

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