New Kids on the Block: How Generation Z Can Take Your Organization to the Next Level

Just when you were adjusting to the Millennials, a new generation is entering the workforce. Generation Z is here, and they are changing the game now. Mostly the children of Gen X’ers, this group has its own very distinctive drivers. Born in 1995 or later, they are now entering the workplace. Are you ready? Generally fast learners and resourceful, they are individualistic, high in inductive reasoning, and more connected to technology than any generation before them.

Why equip yourself with savvy about how to relate to and lead this unique generation? Generation Z’s limitless resourcefulness and ability to collaborate through ever-changing technology can be used to your organization’s advantage. When you understand how this group thinks and how to engage with them, this results-driven generation can quickly help your organization outsmart even the greatest obstacles, while staying ahead of the curve of what’s coming next.

This optimistic program promises a lively and enlightening discussion around this newest workforce group!

Expect to leave with these outcomes:

  1. Understand what makes Generation Z tick, so all generations in your workforce play nice with each other
  2. Learn how to unlock Gen Z’s potential to propel your organization’s performance
  3. Quickly boost Gen Z’s engagement by knowing what they want most from managers
  4. Maximize how the Generations communicate and effectively share feedback
  5. Become a stronger leader for tomorrow