Networking Secrets for Sales Professionals

Kari Mirabal inspires top sales and business development professionals to harness the power of authentic connection. Her “secrets” for successful networking strategies can lead you to People, Opportunity and Profit.

Are you ready to learn new ways to face your fears? Speak truth to power? Follow your passion to drive optimal sales returns? The journey of connecting with potential clients means committing to the intention of success but do you have an effective game plan to help you get there?

Learn how Kari Mirabal’s “POP” process can help sales and business development professionals expand brand awareness and push past fear for optimal networking success. Sales audiences hear how to let their own imagination be the start of an amazing adventure and discover the benefits of reinventing the art of networking. Learn best practices to plan, connect, and grow client pipelines while building meaningful connections that equal mutually beneficial outcomes and profitable sales in new markets.

Audience Benefits:

  • Learn “Sales Secrets” to Empower Success
  • Master a Proven 3-step Networking Strategy
  • Explore What Potential Clients Really Want