Mission-Based Teams: Reinvent the Way You Work

How do you and your team respond to unexpected challenges? We know that constant change is the new normal—and the demands on our workforce in a 24/7 world are increasing. But the old models of efficiency and “do more with less” are no longer sufficient when our teams are unable to respond to the speed of change fast enough. We need a new approach.

In this tactical keynote, Bill reveals a revolutionary management approach, showing leaders how to create empowered teams that can rapidly confront whatever comes next. Bill’s Mission-Based Teams™ will increase your organization’s agility while maintaining focus and alignment. Leveraging lessons from “apex” performing teams, Bill equips leaders and organizations to not only survive—but thrive—even in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous conditions.

Expect to leave with these outcomes:

  1.   Understand how today’s speed of change demands a new model
  2.   Identify the surprising secrets to extraordinary team performance
  3.   Build your team’s momentum to achieve strategic priorities faster
  4.   Learn how to create Mission-Based Teams™ that are resilient in the face of change
  5.   Become a stronger leader for tomorrow