Mission-Based Project Teams: Finding the middle ground between predictive (waterfall) and agile

Audience: Project Managers, IT Leaders

How well do you and your project teams consistently execute change? Does it feel like a smooth ride or rollercoaster where you are reacting to issues that could have been prevented? So many organizations struggle to find a project management approach that enables rapid delivery while providing transparency to leadership. If you and your project teams are seeking the middle ground between the Predictive/Waterfall and Agile approaches, then this workshop will help you find that “middle ground.”

In this interactive workshop, Bill reveals a revolutionary management approach, showing leaders how to create empowered teams that can rapidly confront whatever comes next. Bill’s Mission-Based Teams™ will increase your project teams’ agility while maintaining consistency and alignment. Leveraging lessons from “apex” performing teams, Bill trains your project leaders and team members how to apply the best parts of the Predictive and Agile approaches to support your organizational and cultural needs.  Participants will build Team Playbooks for their teams filled with Bill’s proven PowerPlay™ techniques to dramatically improve your project planning and execution.