Lead for Tomorrow: How to Thrive in the Age of Disruption

Change is happening faster than ever before: Are you prepared? As you experience daily disruptions to the way we work – from workforce trends to technology impacts to generational shifts – does it sometimes feel like you’re just treading water? How does a leader today balance ever-changing needs and priorities with achieving true value for an organization? In this thought-provoking program, Bill will give you a hopeful, and much needed, strategic perspective of the evolving workplace, while equipping you with actions that you can apply today to lead for a better tomorrow.

Expect to leave with these outcomes:

  1. How to find the stability to thrive– not just survive– in this time of constant change
  2. The keys to respond well to any challenge (no matter how new, big or unexpected)
  3. Better know your talent to create a reliable team that produces consistent results
  4. Leave with proven tactics that you can apply today to kill the chaos
  5. Become a stronger leader for tomorrow