I’m Toast! How to Avoid Burnout So You Don’t Flameout

At the end of each workday, do you feel satisfied and in control, or overwhelmed and exhausted? What would it mean for you, your organization and your family if you could consistently “Win the Day”?  The reality is that information overload, the disruptive speed of change, and constant uncertainty is causing real burnout, resulting in an expensive turnover and a substantial loss of productivity and quality of work. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Leveraging the work that Bill does with leaders and teams across industries, he shines a light on how you can end the struggle and get back control for better physical and emotional health.

In this keynote, Bill will share his secrets to managing your stress and workload for yourself and your team to prevent burnout … while still having a life!

Expect to leave with these outcomes:

  1. Understand how burnout operates so you can dismantle it
  2. Learn what it really takes to protect your “balance” from the forces of overload
  3. Feel better consistently–at the office and outside it
  4. Immediately reduce your stress while improving your team’s performance (and stress levels)
  5. Become a stronger leader for tomorrow