History, the Great Teacher: An Honest Conversation About Race in America

A much needed honest conversation about “Race in America” is brought to life in this presentation that will stir both your heart and your mind. With insights from Clifton’s powerful book, The Invitation, this program calls upon us to “acknowledge the elephant in the room”, for the truths of history to open our eyes and hearts. As our nation continues to grapple with the impact of slavery and race, as we find ourselves in troubling discord, Clifton’s invites us to a history class in which, he says, “We can no longer afford to be tardy or absent”.

In this program, audience members will be challenged to:

  • Understand how Honest Conversations equal Honest Applications
  • Value RAI: Respect, Affirmation & Inclusion
  • View Life through the “Lens” of Others
  • Recognize the Reality that “Closed Eyes” will not “Remove the Elephant from the Room”
  • Discover “New Pathways” beyond the lingering lessons of race and place