Game Changer: Creating a Project Vision that Leads to Extraordinary Engagement and Impact

How can project management cure what ails our world? From clean drinking water to zero-carbon impact cities, hundreds of “bold” projects are already in development or in execution. Bold projects make an impact. They “change the game” of how we live or interact with each other in the world. These projects seek to transform life on earth as we know it—and to expand into space. These are no longer “science fiction” ideas.

The greatest potential for bold projects resides in the evolving mindset of project leaders and how they create a vision where people strive to serve with them. The “Golden Triangle” of scope, schedule, and cost cannot keep up with the speed of change in user experience and value realization. We need a new triangle to steer our project mindset. Bill shares this new triangle and how you can learn from these “game-changing” projects to drive your stakeholder engagement to a whole new level!

Expect to leave with these outcomes:

  1.   Learn what projects are happening today to transform how we live tomorrow
  2.   Take your team beyond the “Golden Triangle” (scope, schedule, cost) to something greater
  3.   Create a project vision and culture where key stakeholders seek to become a member
  4.   Elevate your project mindset beyond the day-to-day to inspire change
  5.   Become a stronger leader for tomorrow