From Typewriters to iPads: How Generational Diversity is Transforming the Workplace

This engaging session will help participants gain an understanding about generational differences and learn practical techniques for how to effectively interact and manage each generation. Bill will provide the latest business management approaches, and participants will develop skills to create a collaborative environment among multi-generational team members. In addition, participants will explore how generations from Baby Boomers to Gen Z view current technology dilemmas, in the areas of hiring, privacy, and productivity. This generational diversity program will enable attendees to harness their team members’ strengths and understand their various drivers.

Learner Objectives:

  • Understand each generation’s motivators, expectations, and work styles
  • Learn how to create high-performing, multi-generational teams
  • Leverage collaborative techniques to engage your team

Session Benefits:

  • Identify and understand the different generational management trends
  • Understand each generation’s drivers to help prevent future misunderstandings
  • Leverage the generational perspective to enhance team performance
  • Develop techniques for creating a collaborative, multi-generational environment
  • Have a clarity about other generations that will help your interactions be more cohesive and successful with your team, your project, and with others