Building the Vision: How “Bold” Projects are Changing the World

How can project management cure what ails our world?  From clean drinking water to zero-carbon impact cities, hundreds of “bold” projects are already in development or in execution. Bold projects make an impact. They “change the game” of how we live or interact with each other in the world. These projects seek to transform life on earth as we know it—and to expand into space.  These are no longer “science fiction” ideas. The greatest potential for bold projects resides in the evolving mindset of project leaders: Real project managers, like you, are making them happen. This presentation will provide insights into bold ideas, what it takes to bring them to life, and what drives the success _ or failure _ of turning them into game-changing projects that make a difference.

  • Attain techniques and lessons for implementing a vision that others may think unattainable
  • Understand the opportunities, challenges, and impacts that Bold projects have on the world today
  • Learn techniques, factors, and skills required for these mega-projects