Building an Entrepreneurial Team—Become Their North Star

Today’s business leader wants an Entrepreneurial Team—outside-the-box thinkers, nimble and innovative, who perform their daily tasks with a sense of ownership. This is a much needed approach to marketplace success in today’s highly competitive climate. Oftentimes, the leadership attitudes and behaviors are not readily seen by teams who are looking up for examples, directions and guidance. Leaders must be challenged to first GET OUT OF THEIR BOX—traditional and past performances that have become standard operational procedures, versus innovative and motivational. Today, Leadership must become the guiding “North Star” for their Teams.

In this program, attendees will:

  • Recognizes why being the innovative “example” matters
  • Recognize leadership shortfalls
  • Learn the Flattened Pyramid and what it provides for Creative Partnerships
  • Understand how Innovative Leadership is key to Productive Followership