Learn How We Partner With Speaker Bureaus

Your client has trusted you with their speaking need. Now, you’re trusting us. We know you have many choices in today’s market for speakers. When you partner with us, you can count on speakers with real-world experience who will provide your client’s audience valuable and relevant information. Our speakers are fully commissionable to bureaus.

  • We quote gross fees and give full commissions. Our commitment is to you and to your client that we will be fair and reasonable in our financial arrangements at all time.
  • We are professionals. You can rest assured when you hire one of our speakers that you will receive excellent attention and professional courtesy throughout the entire process.
  • We offer value adds. We are open to discussions and negotiation of packaging delivery (such as webinars, consulting, books, etc.) in order to enhance value for your client and to maximize their budget.
  • You’ll like partnering with us because we’re creative and strategic. We often receive feedback that our presentations are “original”, “creative”, “fresh”. We are a solutions provider. We solve problems. We go beyond just entertaining an audience to giving them tools to improve or make a situation better, easier.
  • We’re current. We are focused on the current transformation of business and how fast everything changes. If a topic no longer seems to fit today’s workplace or issues, our Thought Leaders create new presentations.
  • We aren’t afraid to say no. If you call us for an event, and we aren’t the right fit, we will politely decline the engagement. When we can, we will recommend another speaker.
  • We focus on the relationship, not just the engagement. We appreciate you trusting us with your client.